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The French call La Brenne “Le mystérieux Pays des Milles Etangs”.... the mysterious land of the thousand lakes.
In the Middle Ages, monks started to establish the lakes for irrigation of the farmland and the fish breeding. Nature did the rest. The result; a mosaic of about 4000 lakes, marshes, forests, grassland, moorland and hedgerows in the heart of France.
You will find here over 40 kinds of orchids, 150 kinds of breeding birds and 110 other species of migratory birds. In and around the lakes you can find tree frogs, marsh turtles and ring-snakes. Extensive owned grasslands are botanical treasures (40 species orchids) and know a rich dragonflies, grasshoppers and butterflies fauna.
Geert can take you on a trip to all the characteristic houses, dreamy fens, blue lakes, dark pools, yellow-gold cornfields, over the moor and trough the forest. Geert is a nature guide for years in this nature park and his specialty is his enormous knowledge of birds.

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